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CRASH in the Bronx!

CRASH in the Bronx

NEW YORK, NY -- Legendary Graffiti artist CRASH has just completed a large-scale outdoor mural in the Bronx. New York auctioneers Doyle commissioned the Bronx-born artist to create an original work to cover the façade of our new warehouse located at 805 East 134th Street in the Port Morris section of the Bronx.

CRASH, also known as John Matos, is one of the godfathers of Graffiti art. His works bring Pop art into Graffiti with crisp lines and bold colors. He was among the artists chosen to paint the famed Houston Bowery Wall in Manhattan, joining such icons as Keith Haring. Raised in the Bronx, he was organizing gallery exhibitions at age 15 and is currently the owner of Wallworks New York, a contemporary gallery located on Bruckner Boulevard not far from Doyle’s warehouse.

"Crash is one of the true pioneers of Graffiti art, and his powerful colors and smart design are instantly recognizable the world over. Both as a fine artist and a gallery owner, he represents the Bronx in both style and attitude. It is an absolute honor to have his artwork grace our building," said Angelo Madrigale, Director of Contemporary Art at Doyle.



“It’s always fun to do a mural, but I wanted to use this as a challenge, to do different eras of art -- from the 40s through the 60s through today,” said CRASH about his mural for Doyle.

Doyle commissioned the mural from CRASH through an arrangement with L.I.S.A. Project NYC (Little Italy Street Art) and its founder Wayne Rada. The organization secures permits for legal murals, mainly on the Lower East Side and Little Italy. Recent murals organized by L.I.S.A. Project NYC include Shepard Fairey’s mural on Bowery and Broome Street in NOLITA of rock star Debbie Harry, which celebrates her latest album.

The mural that CRASH painted on Doyle’s warehouse incorporates Pop art with elements and motifs that reference the decorative and fine arts offered in our auctions. The mural commission underscores Doyle’s commitment to the Bronx community and support of contemporary artists. In October 2012, Doyle hosted the first auction in America devoted entirely to Street Art and Graffiti. The landmark sale showcased works by many of the most important Street Art and Graffiti artists from the 1980s onward. In 2014, a work by the late Lower East Side Street artist Martin Wong sold at Doyle for a record $137,000.

In 2016, Doyle opened Hayloft Auctions, an online-only auction subsidiary located in the Bronx near Doyle’s new warehouse. The monthly auctions at have become popular with savvy collectors, dealers and decorators alike. Hayloft Auctions was chosen as one of this year’s honorees of the 2017 Bronx Week Tribute to Bronx Businesses. This annual event honors a group of Bronx businesses selected for their work and commitment to Bronx residents and the community.

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