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Rugs, Carpets & Tapestries

Doyle offers rugs, carpets and tapestries with a broad range of estimates in sales throughout the year. Showcased are examples of Tabriz, Heriz, Mahal, Sarouk, Sultanabad, Kashan, Ouskak, Kirman, Fereghan, Senna, Ghiordes, Amrtisar, Meshed, Q’ashqa’i, Bokhara, Agra and other rugs from Asia and the Middle East, in addition to Aubusson, Savonnerie and Axminster rugs from Europe.

Rugs and carpets are offered in the sales of Important English and Continental Furniture and Decorations (three sales per year), Belle Epoque (three sales per year), American Furniture and Decorative Arts (two sales per year), and Doyle at Home (approx. eight sales per year). The semiannual Doyle+Design sales showcase Modern and Contemporary rugs, tapestries and wall hangings by and after such prominent 20th century artists as Alexander Calder, Diego Giacometti and Henri Matisse.


Doyle Specialist Mark M. Topalian

Mark M. Topalian

Consultant Appraiser, Rugs, Carpets & Tapestries
212-427-4141, ext 244
[email protected]

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